Sunday, October 20, 2013

Texas Tornadoes- Game 7

Our second game of the double header was against the Pirates. I feel kind of bad for this team, not because they didn't play well... because they did, but because they have yellow uniforms. Yellow isn't an intimidating color. It's a happy color. Which makes it tough to find a good fearsome team name for yellow uniforms.

When I think Pirates I think black... not yellow. And these were banana yellow uniforms.

Then again out of all the other names they could have chosen, bumblebees, bananas, jaundice, yellow fever, yellow peril, maybe being Pirates isn't such a bad idea. They did get 4 goals. Didn't quite beat our 8, but still they have done better than other teams.

We really did get lucky with our uniforms. I think the YMCA needs to consider another color or design for yellow.

But I got even luckier with the kids on our team. I'm going to miss these Saturdays with them. I wonder if I can convince everyone to come back in the spring for YMCA soccer again? My Tornadoes aren't great because of their team name (which I'm sure is the case with all coaches and their teams no matter what they are called or uniform they wear), they are great because of the kids themselves. One more game before we finish the season and then I'm sadly team Tornado-less.

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