Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Biosphere Brian

I insisted that since we were so close, Brian had to go to Biosphere2, or many might remember it as Biodome from the movie. I had previously gone twice with my Aunt Carmen, so it wasn't as important that I go, so Brian got some time off to see the largest living science center.

The whole area covers over 3 acres, is 539 feet long and 91 feet high housing the rainforest, an ocean, and a desert habitat.

Previously it also housed scientists in the 90s, but now it holds offices and labs for students and staff of the University of Arizona. The site produces it's own electricity and the facilities 'lungs' control the air-volume.

There were no real annimals introduced into the habitat, other than cockroaches for decomposed leaves from the rainforest and coral in the 25 foot ocean containing a million gallons of salt water.

The original purpose of Biosphere2 (Biosphere1 being Earth) was to experiment to see if space colonization using enclosed biospheres would allow humans could live off of Earth. Twice groups of scientists were locked in the Biosphere to live in the habitat, using the goods produced within and the internal engineering providing the facility with water, electricity, heat, and cooling.

But with that's problems, they eventually have changed the purpose of this facility to discover the scientific impact of the biomes. The country of Oman has donated to the Biosphere so the facility can represent their Falaj environment.

For more information on Biosphere2, click HERE.

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