Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sabino Canyon's Seven Falls

An interesting trend, not so much a tradition lately has been that we've gone hiking within days before or after Thanksgiving. In 2010, we hiked at Devil's Den in Arkansas. In 2012, we hiked at the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. And this year (2013), we went hiking in Sabino Canyon.

The kids hiked separately this time, going on an easier route with Grammy and Aunt Carmie.

While Brian and I opted for the 8 mile round trip to Seven Falls.

We went over large rocks....

Through river beds....

Past cacti....

Along the edge of the cliffs....

To a waterfall set high among the cliffs. Here is the view from the mountain's edge we were making our way around. You can see how small the people are comparatively.

We were so happy to finally reach our destination!

4 miles doesn't seem so bad but when you are going up at a steep incline and aren't exactly the most seasoned hikers, it can really wear you out! We ended up taking a break at the cliffs rocky edge to rest our legs before returning back the other 4 miles.

And thankfully it was much faster downhill because we made it back down right before the sunset behind the mountains.

And before the javelinas and mountain lions decided to turn us into dinner.

For more information about Sabino Canyon, click HERE. 

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