Wednesday, November 27, 2013

White Sands Away!

Over the mountains and through the woods to sandy beaches we are bound! No water in sight on this New Mexico site, sandy dunes can be found!

On our way to Tuscon, Arizona for Thanksgiving, we took a brief stop at the White Sands National Park near Alamogordo, NM and right next to the White Sands Missile Testing Facilities, lies the worlds largest gypsum  dune field in the world stretching over 275 square miles of desert.

From on top of the dunes, it made our car look small.

Apparently there are 4 different kinds of dunes, and based on their progress from the lake and towards in land. We played on the transverse dunes. The sand is so fine it gets in everything! I had to empty sand out of my shoes multiple times.

And even our footsteps on the dunes disappeared, as would Sophia's attempt to make her mark, showing that she was indeed here.

If you were lucky enough to find an available sled in stock at the stores, or pay a large sum of money for one at the visitors center, sledding down these would be fun. However, sans sled, the kids still seemed to enjoy running on top of the dunes....

... sliding down on their rears... which in turn got sand in their pants...

... and running at the bottom of the dunes.

Connor was fuming mad that we made him leave. Sophie wasn't too thrilled either, but we still had to get to Arizona and the sun was setting. The kids could have probably lasted the whole day there, particularly if we had gotten a sled. Maybe next time.

For more information on White Sands National Monument, click HERE. 

PS- Watch out for missiles. :)

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