Sunday, December 8, 2013

Idiotic or Inspired? Ice Sledding

Ice is covering the ground and road. No one can get out. Vehicles can't even get the traction they need to move on the road once they get on it. Everyone is stuck inside. Even walking outside leaves you slipping and sliding your way around. And yet to miss this cold weather and snow, which we rarely get in Texas seems like a waste. We rarely ever get snow or ice for that matter. So do we wait inside for it to just go away and then tell other states they are lucky when they are outside iceskating, sledding, building snowmen or forts? 

So I got inspired.... Brian says idiotic.... and decided to use our iced declining driveway as a sled slope. And while I tried a beverage bucket first.... it didn't work.... The cookie sheet pan I had in the kitchen certainly did the job.

The kids had fun until they got too cold. 

And even I took a ride on it when Brian was inside watching football and helping the kids warm up from the outside. So while I think it was inspired..... and Brian thinks it's idiotic.... what do you think? Would you do it?

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