Friday, December 6, 2013

Middle School Moment: Annexation

For those who are new to Texas History like me, here is a bit of background on Texas. During the time when Texas was an independent country after Santa Anna signed the Treaty of Velasco, Texas had problems with debt, Indian raids, and no other countries willing to recognize them as an independent nation. Even the Mexican president refused to acknowledge Santa Anna's treaty because the government felt it was written under duress, which under international law made it invalid. Two Texas Presidents (Sam Houston and Anson Jones) attempted to get the United States to annex Texas into the United States, thus solving their issues with public debt, internal Indian warfare, and the threat of Mexico. Many in the United States wanted Texas, but the controversial issue which caused the United States to waiver and refuse to annex Texas twice was due to slavery, something Texas fought Mexico for- the right to keep and trade slaves. But Texas had many other things going for it including land, natural resources, tons of previous white former U.S. citizens, and a boon for many southerners an opportunity to gain a very large slave state.

The Assignment: Write a 1 page persuasive essay explaining why the United States SHOULD annex Texas.

Resources: Students could use their notes and a textbook.

  • “We should have texas because it means a lot and annex means a lot to Mexico and it means a lot to Texas and spesilly Anson Jones for some people texas is there house the place they were born in. Specially Africans is the place were they don’t get guge in is great for them”.
  • “Annexation should tax people because the government needs to pay the military. Because if the other country were to build weapons or start a wart the US would have nothing to save us with.”
  •  “I think U.S. should be to annex Texas because the US Is a awsome place. For Example it has a lot of lakes. “ (The End).
  • “My name is _____ and I’m trying to persuade you. So you like skittles are taste juicy colored falvore candy that you can like and there are chewable you can eat them, do any thing you want to do with the candy if you like jolly rancher make your tristy or more thirsty  of if you eat crybaby’s candy those are sour and when you chew like bubble gum the flaor of the gum doesn’t last long for a long time like other gums.”
  • “We’re begging you to please help us be your country. You have no idea of what we are going through. We aren’t getting paid enough money to support ourself, our family, or anyone else. We’ve tried with everything”
  • “The annex is the only thing we need so we can use it. We need you to sign the paper and everybody else because they are trying to make use not have the annexation but we really won’t it.”
  • ”I live in Texas with my family and I would like to join you in all the stuff you do such as 911, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Haloween. Texas should also be USA because we would like the same education and learn stuff we don’t know. USA sounds amazing and I heard of the big twirl towers which is called 911. I felt sad when I saw it the frist time but we had to move on.”
  • “You should do it because we are poor and can’t eat or find shelter and stuff.”
In case you weren't aware... all of these answers were wrong!

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