Monday, December 2, 2013

Morning at San Xavier Mission

Up early on Saturday, we left Tuscon and headed home to Texas. However, not before we made a brief stop at the San Xavier del Baca Mission at sunrise.

And like many mornings when we wake the kids up, they were a bit fussy. Well at least Connor was fussy.

Sophie was sassy and impatient.

Then again.... no surprise, we were in a church.

This church was built in 1783 and although it is made of adobe brick and lime mortar, it has stood the test of time belonging once to Spain, next to Mexico, and then under the jurisdiction of the United States.

It continues operation and seems to continue to serve the Native American inhabitants nearby- Tohono O'odham Indian tribe. And in light of it's age and beautiful architecture, its a fairly popular Tuscon tourist stop for vacationers and photographers, like the famous Ansel Adams who took these photos in 1968.

Whatever your preference my one advice would be not to go early when you have kids.

For more information, click HERE.

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