Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Online Christmas Letter- 2013

Happy Holidays Y’all!

            This year the Oneys have been on the move, taking trips, changing jobs, moving to a new home, and taking on new sports activities. It has definitely been a year that has kept us on our toes! Here are the details.

            The Trips: In March Brian received an Excellence Award for his work on gaining the Malcolm Baldridge award for Lockheed Martin and it took him to Baltimore, Maryland. Then on to an award ceremony in Orlando, Florida where both he and Stacey got to attend, while the kids experienced some alone time with Grammy & Papa in Kansas. In September we travelled back to Kansas again to celebrate Kayla’s wedding to Uncle John. Sophie was honored to be a ‘princess’ just like her Aunt Kayla and was also thrilled have Uncle John be her official Uncle John.  Lastly we took a trip this Thanksgiving to visit White Sands, New Mexico and hiking and sightseeing around Tuscon, Arizona. There have been multiple trips to Kansas to visit family and another planned during Christmas. Within Dallas, we’ve had several mini-trips, but the new locations or events for us this year were to Glen Rose State Park, Grapevine Lake, and seeing our first NHL hockey game with the Dallas Stars.

            The Jobs: In June, Brian decided to challenge himself in a new department (Finance) and new industry (food) as he went to work for Dean Foods in Dallas. While I simply call him a ‘milk man’, but his job is to look at the financial aspect of various marking ventures for dairy products. Analyzing the best options, deals, and products to endorse and the most profitable and stable investment.  In November, Stacey  made a similar change to leave her job at Bell Helicopter and return back to teaching. She got a job at one of the schools in the Dallas Independent School District teaching at an inner city middle school which has brought her more challenges than shad had imagined.

            The Home: We are still in Arlington, but we just moved to another home in May.  Now after the new job changes,  it looks like we will be moving again in 2014 closer to the Dallas area. Which means Stacey gets another opportunity to drive a 16 foot moving truck.

            The Sports: This year Sophia (age 5) took 2 courses of swimming lessons over the summer and is slowly starting to get used to the water, as long as it doesn’t get in her eyes. And in September and October, Sophia and Stacey took on a challenge and started soccer- Sophie as a player for the Tornadoes and Stacey as the team coach.

            The Kids: The kids continue to grow and grow. Sophie (age 5) started another year of PreK and is learning to read already. Connor turned 1 this year and enjoyed seeing friends and family at his John Deere farm party at a nearby petting zoo. The two kids love each other and do most things together. Sophie enjoys bossing Connor around, while Connor if he gets tired of the attention simply pulls her hair. Most of the time though he's quite content to be the center of her attention. It's nice to see them share toys and do things together. As Sophie says "We're best friends". 

            We hope your year has been equally eventful (in a good way) and that blessings continue to shower upon you. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

                                                                                                    The Oneys

                                                                                                Brian, Stacey, Sophia, & Connor

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