Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daddy & Daughter- Oil Change

Brian is so good with the kids, which helps me considerably. Recently he need to change the oil in his car and had Sophie help him. He didn't just have her hand him tools, but they both got under the car together and he had her remove some of the bolts.

It was cute to see the two of them. And Sophie was happy to have some one-on-one daddy time.

Kids 1st Hockey Game

Brian got tickets through his work to watch the Dallas Stars play the New York Islanders on Sunday. Rather than get a babysitter, Brian decided to treat the kids to their first hockey game. We also met up with Brian's friends from Lockheed Martin- Wes and Charissa.

We had a pretty good time, but the kids seemed more interested in Charissa's popcorn, bouncing between mom and dad, and wanting to run around the AAC.

I think perhaps next time we'll leave the kids until they are a bit older.

Connor's Epiphany

On January 6th, many of the Christian faith celebrate epiphany or the coming of the three kings to visit the Christ child. Typically we don't celebrate epiphany much except to attend Mass. We do have a playschool Little People Nativity that the kids like to play with throughout the year, which includes of course Jesus, his family, an angel, shepherds, livestock, and of course 3 wise men. And Connor decided to either alter or perhaps enhance on the journey of the wise men... or specifically one wise man.

Not sure if he was trying to show me that one of the wise men was returning home to a colder climate or perhaps that he need to a bit of food for the long journey home. Not 100% sure of Connor's intention, but needless to say this is what I found in the refrigerator.

Can You See Me?

Can you find Oscar?

Let the Posts Resume

It's been about 20 days since I last posted something on the blog. I've got tons of posts stored up and will put up a couple today. Lately I have lost my motivation and energy. I think most of my energy and motivation is being sucked out of me at school and then when I return home I'm mostly a zombie.

So without further ado... we return to stories about the Oney family.