Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sophie Says.... About Justin Bieber

This is very close to accurate on a conversation I had last morning with Sophie in the van on the way to school. I was not exactly prepared.

Sophie: Mom did you know Justin Bieber laughed at the police and they didn't like it so they put him in jail? Giselle and Angelo saw it on the news. Did you know that?
Mom: I did, honey. But he also wasn't driving safe and that's why the police talked to him.
S: I didn't know you knew about it. Why didn't you tell me?
M: Because Mommy doesn't like him. He's not a good role model.
S: Not safe, that means he was driving fast.
M: Yes.
S: Was it in Texas? I'd like to see Justin Bieber.
M: No it wasn't here. It was in another state, so you wouldn't have been able to see him.
S: Which state? Arkansas?
M: No, it's a place called California.
S: I've never been there. It's like Chuck E. Cheese.
M: Huh?
S: Yeah, California is like Chuck E. Cheese. I want to go there.
M: Um, ok.
S: Mom, Justin Bieber is white.
M: Ok, where did that come from?
S: Is he a bunny?
M: No he's not a bunny.
S: I thought he was a white bunny. Can you show me what he looks like?
M: Not right now honey, I'm driving.
S: Ok. Giselle still likes Justin Bieber.
M: That's ok if Giselle wants to like him, but Mommy doesn't like him.
S: Ok Mom.

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