Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sophie Says....

Lately I've gotten a little extra one on one time with Sophie so I've been privy to some interesting thoughts and comments.

Sophie: Mom, do mermaids go to church?
Mom: What do you think?
S: No because I didn't see Ariel go to church.
M: Well she got married by a priest, so perhaps there was a church on the boat and maybe even one underwater.
S: Ok.

Connor: *cries and hits Sophie*
Sophie: Connor, you can't hit. And mommy and daddy say I'm the boss of you.
C: *frowns and continues to whimper*
Mommy: I don't remember saying that
S: Uh huh. You said it one time yesterday.
M: Ok, well that might have been to help daddy out, but that doesn't mean every day.
S: Oh, I thought it was everyday.

Oscar: *barking outside at the birds*
Sophie: Mommy, Oscar is barking at God's creatures.
Mommy: Yes Sophie. Yes he is.
S: That's not nice.

Sophie: Mommy I got pink eye. If Connor gets pink eye then he'll be a girl.
Mommy: No Sophie that's not exactly how it works. You can't get green eye or blue eye. Connor will still be a boy even if he gets pink eye.
S: No, pink eye is for girls, because pink is a girl color.
M: Would you like blue eye or purple eye if you couldn't have pink eye? Or would you still want pink eye?
S: I like pink. Pink eye is ok. But it would be ok if I got a rainbow eye. I like rainbow eye.

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