Friday, March 14, 2014

Botanica's Butterflies

Every other year, Fort Worth Botanica Garden hosts Cirro Energy's Butterfly Garden- Butterflies of Asia. I'm not much of a butterfly person although I do value their beauty. Needing an escape from working on school stuff, I decided to go and get a better education on butterflies.

There were several families there with their children... I alas was alone. But I'm sure Sophie would have enjoyed it. Connor on the other hand would be so busy trying to touch everything.

While there i did learn quite a bit. They provided me with a map of some of the butterflies that I would see along with their names. I didn't find all of them, but I did find several:

Paper Kite

Scarlet Mormon

Yellow-edged Giant Owl was everywhere and they were huge!

My favorite the Blue Morpho. Which was really hard to get a picture of, as you can see one side is brown when the wings are closed, but when they open they are the most magnificent blue.

There were also Tiger Longwings.

And the Zebra Longwing.

And the Small Postman.

And then there were a few that weren't in the booklet, and let's be face it I'm too lazy to look them up.

The other thing I learned is that butterflies are attracted to anything sugary. They had bowls out of fruit that the butterflies would eat.

And the booklet provided a list of the plants that would attract butterflies:

  1. Lantana
  2. Pentas
  3. Purple Coneflower
  4. Mexican Sunflower
  5. Summer Phlox
  6. Mist Flower
  7. Globe Amaranth
  8. Frostweed
  9. Asters
  10. Butterfly Bush
See.... I can learn something. 

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