Friday, March 14, 2014

Park Over the Freeway

Dallas is home to the only park ever created over an active freeway- Klyde Warren Park. The 5.2 acre park includes a performance stage, a restaurant, a splash park, a dog park, a children's park, and a splash park area. In order to support the weight of all of these amenities plus the grass, 322 trees, and 904 shrubs over a hollow tunnel of concrete where millions of cars pass daily, the engineers had to find a way to support the weight of the park without it collapsing under the cars travelling below. According to Dallas Magazine, the engineers and contractors solved the issue by using geo-foam which weights 1.8 pounds per cubic foot. And the area is composed of 200,000 cubic feet of geo-foam, which is lighter weighing 180 tons compared to the soil above it which weighs 12,000 tons. Below there is no steel beams to support the structure, only the concrete from the freeway bridges.

To prevent the roots from destroying the concrete below, park officials use root repellent to prevent the roots from spreading too deep. To prevent the saturation of the additional weight of rainwater, the park is slightly tilted so the water drains into the storm sewer. To be efficient, the park uses solar power.

Cool huh?

I've been wanting to visit for awhile, but timing just hasn't worked out. With Spring Break, and a beautiful 85 degree day, I couldn't resist going and visiting the park with Brian and Oscar after they finished work.

The kids would absolutely love this place! And being so close to Brian's work downtown, or uptown to be specific, I figured sometime this summer we'd perhaps meet Brian here for lunch one day while the kids play on the playground or splash park.

For more information on how this one of a kind park was built, click HERE. 

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