Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oliver Nature Park

Whenever you live in a new state you have to find new favorite places- places to play, shop, visit, etc... When we lived in Arkansas I loved visiting all the state parks. We made it our mission to try and make it to most of the state parks. There was so much hiking and beautiful scenery. And when we moved to Texas we got the benefits of a large city (zoo, stores, monuments, museums), but not much of the nature. Sure there was a little bit in the local parks, but not exactly enough to feel like you were removed from the city. 

However, I've found a place in Oliver Nature Park.It's large... it's beautiful... and you can forget you are even in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In April there are the bluebonnets, which was the main reason we came. 

But they also have a tree house overlook.

And a windmill. I took plenty of pictures of it as it continued pumping water as the wind turned the blades.

In Texas History I've taught them all about windmills and how it changed the environment and migration into West Texas. However, few of them have seen a windmill other than in pictures. Let alone one that was actively pumping the water. See how there is black and then their isn't? 

The kids did pretty well throughout it all, but they were NOT HAPPY when we had to leave. 

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