Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Student List of Countries of War

Again, this information was pulled from my 7th grade classroom ballot, where I asked the students to list a country they would most likely support the United States going to war with today. Very few of them were up to date on current events, although I did show them the news and talk with them previously about what was happening with Russia and Ukraine in the Crimean Pennisula.

Here are their results:
1 person wants to go to war with Brazil.
Another one with Iraq.
One more with Germany.
Another with the United Kingdom.
Two decided Chili needed to be vanquished.
While 2 more wanted Iraq.
And another 2 Iran.
Four wished to obliterate Canada.
5 wanted vengence on Japan.
5 more wanted to nuke North Korea.
Another 5 believed India is the problem.
6 chose Korea, but didn't identify North or South... perhaps they wanted the whole pennnisula.
9 said without a doubt, Mexico was  the problem.
But the top 2 countries receiving 13 and 14 votes were: China & Russia.

Again I let them name their own countries and they did not have a map. I thought their choices were interesting. Some were obviously informed about current events (i.e. Iran, North Korea, China, Russia), while others seemed to pick the only country they could remember from 6th grade Geography class (i.e. Chile, Canada, Germany).

Anyway, there you have it. Should my 7th graders go to war, it seems likely they'll be headed to China or Russia... followed by Mexico.

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