Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top 5 Best & Worst Reasons for War

So to introduce my 7th grade Texas history students, I created a ballot over various topics regarding war. One of those topics included an assortment of reasons a person or specifically a country would be willing to go to war against another country. World War 1, had multiple countries going to war for different reasons (allies, war pacts, threats, etc...) and the United States itself has gone to war with various countries to for a variety of reasons. So without further ado... hear are their results.

Top 5 Results 7th Graders Would Wage War Against Another Country:

5. A terrorist destroys a building and kills people.

4. Another country invades the United States.

3. Another country attacks our allies/friends.

2. Another country steals our weapons technology.

And the number 1 answer with 92% wanting to go to war because... Another country says they want to kill all Americans.

Top 5 Results 7th Graders Would NOT Wage War Against Another Country:

5. Another country won't let U.S. citizens visit.

4. Another country gets nuclear weapons.

3. U.S. citizens are getting put in jail in other countries.

2. Another country has Muslims and they could be terrorists.

And the number 1 answer with 71% wanting to stay out of war because... Another country has oil or a natural resource we want.

An almost 50/50 tie goes to the following reason, which I find hilarious:

Another country's president calls all American's "stupid"

So what are your thoughts regarding the the results?

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