Friday, June 27, 2014

Connor Turns 2!

We are now entering the Terrible Two zone for a second time. This time with Connor.

10 Things about our 2 year old Connor:

  1. When he gets mad, it's easy to tell because he'll start throwing things while crying. And not only does he have a good throwing arm, but his aim is pretty decent as well.
  2. He loves his sister Sophia. He will follow her around the house. They are best buddies.... which means they play together and fight together.
  3. He has a cute cowlick in the back of his head which will stand straight up. After Sophie is done getting her hair brushed, he'll often sit in my lap to get his hair done as well. In which case I do try and get his cowlick down a bit.... usually in vain.
  4. When he goes to bed he wants to have his blanket, his binkie (pacifier), and books in his crib with him. Usually he falls asleep with a book in his hand and if he wakes up early, he won't holler but will open up one of his books and continue "reading" till Mom or sister comes by to get him out of bed.
  5. Unlike Sophie, he has a sweet tooth and inhales anything made with sugar. His personal favorite dessert is Hostess Cupcakes, which we had at his party.

  6. Anywhere he goes.... he runs. No sense in walking.... unless he's upset. He'd rather run EVERYWHERE from room to room.
  7. He's not really into TV, but he will stop what he's doing to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Otherwise, he'd rather be playing with his cars, trucks, tractors, legos, little people, coloring, etc....
  8. He loves dogs. Something we worried about after he got attacked by a dog when he was under the age of 1. He loves Oscar, he loves my parents' dog Poppy, he loves his schools' dog Momo, he loves just about any dog who loves children. He has learned not to pursue dogs who ignore or growl at him.
  9. His favorite activity this summer has probably been the splash park. He likes to stop the water with his feet, get his face drenched in the water spouts, and just have an opportunity to run to mommy soaking wet and put his head in her lap while hugging her. 

  10. His favorite time of day is anytime that involves food. All I have to say is 'Time to Eat' and he will come running faster than his sister to devour his food. He loves to eat and isn't very picky. On the few times the he does get 'full' before his food is finished.... or needs some additional dining entertainment... he'll make sure to sneak the food to Oscar on the floor. Our dog is never starving thanks to both our children.

Well, without further ado, here are some more pictures from Connor's birthday party this year.

We'd like to thank everyone who thought of Connor on his birthday. :) He was a very happy lil' guy.

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