Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 2- Summer School

Today was much better! I give credit to medicine. Anyway, here was our day.

Again we reviewed the weather and posted our eyewitness forecast on the dry erase board.

Then spent some time doing more from the workbooks.
  1. School Zone Grade 1 Sight Word Fun (page 12-13)
  2. School Zone Grades K-1 Reading Readiness (page 34-36)
  3. School Zone Grade 1 Math Basics (page 10-13)
  4. Brain Quest Workbook Grade 1 (pages 8-9, 46-47, 162-163)
In a desperate attempt to burn some energy, I took the kids to Oliver Nature Park and had them both walk. No wagon this time! 

We talked about the different parts of plants.

Discussed what is considered a plant. Tree- yes, water- no, butterfly - no, grass- yes, flower- yes, apples- yes.

And couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the apples as we took a break in the Tree house/ Overlook area. 

Kids also spent time picking and losing leaves for our art project today. But we returned home around noon with 4 and some tired eyes so I count it a blessing. 

During lunch time we watched another DK Educational movie- this one about Trees. Very good. Again a little advanced, but much better than the previous one. Sophie really enjoyed it and wanted to watch it again and was disappointed when she was instead directed to her room for nap/quiet time.

Once they were up, we had to run by the store and pick up some milk, cereal, clay, hamburger, etc.... for today. We used the self-drying clay for a Pintrest art project I found about making leaf bowls. (Pintrest link click HERE)

From our leaves we simply rolled out the clay.... pressed down one of the leaves with a rolling pin.... used a knife to cut the edges.... peeled up the leaf.... and got a leaf imprint. 

Some of the leaves we put into a bowl to try and create a bowl made out of our 3 largest leaves.

The others we plan to paint tomorrow and make them gifts for some important members of our family tree (aka- late Mother's Day and on schedule Father's Day gifts from the kiddos). 

The rest of the evening belonged to me completing other tasks around the house, with the exception of tonight's bedtime story courtesy of the library- Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed.

Since I'm going through so much of my lesson plans, I might have to start getting more suggestions and more experiements etc... to help me along the day. Or I guess at the very least, just keep adding to the workbook. On the plus side- tomorrow is Storytime at the local library so that should help. 

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  1. It's great that you felt better now. Colds are just nasty. Anyway, the kids look as adorable as ever! Am I seeing future meteorologists in the works? Hahaha! I have to say, you make summer school sound and look so fun. Anyway, it must be an adorable sightseeing them loving their little books. You're a wonderful teacher and parent. All the best!

    Ed Harper @ Crayon College