Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 3 Summer School

Well looks like my children now have a cold and have been a bit under the weather today.

Speaking of weather- today's forecast presented by Sophia

Connor wasn't as interested today in weather or much else today. The same can be said about Sophia who wasn't her usual excited self about her workbooks. So we focused on only working out of one workbook today.

  • BrainQuest Workbook- Grade 1 (pages 98-99, 122-123, 164, 178-179, 282)

The kids did enjoy their first Library Storytime (Pre K edition) and got to listen to 3 stories about summer weather. Interesting that it happened to coincide with some of our lessons. They also go to sing songs, play games, and then they both worked diligently on the coloring project at the library.

Afterwards they turned in some previously borrowed library books and made a few new selections which they both proudly carried to the car.

Then we settled down to finish our craft project from yesterday painting our clay leaves. Sophia's favorite paint color was green... can you tell?

Then Connor had a bit of a fit which resulted in some paint on his clothes and hair which resulted in a prompt shampoo and bath while Sophie collected and put away the painting supplies and leaves.

Lunch we watched the Tree movie again from yesterday and then we had 2 stories before nap time:

Both very good books courtesy of the library again.

After a nice nap, the kiddos were a little warm with fever, so I scratched the idea of taking them to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens to continue our lesson on plants. Instead I administered some Tylenol, I opted for the splash park where they could cool off and burn off some much needed energy. And I forgot to bring my camera. But as usual they loved it.

After a shampoo (Connor's second of the day), we settled down for the remainder of the day to just relax.

I couldn't resist one more lesson/experiment to do with the kids prior to sending them to bed.... thus the state of undress..... sorry. We did the celery experiment I found on Pintrest (click here for that link).

After reviewing colors with Connor and Sophie we worked with food coloring mixing some colors to create others till we had all the colors of the rainbow.

Afterwards Sophie put the celery stalks in the glasses. Since I haven't ever done this experiment (I have done the one with carnations and colored water), I added at least 2 things of celery (one with leaves and one without). I'd just hate for this experiment to be a dud.

 When I asked Sophie what she thought would happen to the celery she said without a beat- "They'll be rainbow colored". I asked if she thought the food coloring would make the celery bad and make it die. She didn't think it would be good to make celery die. Connor had no opinion or observation.

With a doctors appointment tomorrow, a trip to the car shop, and an urgent need to vacuum out the car of cereal, the kiddos are going to have a short day of homeschooling tomorrow as they spend part of the day with Ms. Cassie. But hopefully we'll at least be able to go over our celery experiment, the weather, and perhaps get a few books or workbook pages in between then and bedtime. And hopefully they'll be feeling better too. I'm glad I'm finally getting over the cold, I just wish they didn't have to endure it either.

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