Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 4- Inservice?

So today was not really educational, mostly because I had a doctors appointment at noon and NONE of my kids wanted to come with me. Can you believe it? NONE of them! No... they all wanted to go have fun at Ms. Cassie's. I feel so unloved. Can't blame them really. So today we spent less time on educational lessons and more time on fun time with friends and family.

We did get in our daily weather. (Again, Connor had NO interest). Sophie drew the clouds, rain, and a rainbow (which she felt was a necessity for rainy weather).

After my doctor's appointment and a few quick errands- medicine, library books, pay bill, Connor went down for a nap while Sophia worked on her workbooks.

  • School Zone Math Basics Grade 1 (page 14)
  • BrainQuest (pg. 100-101)

With Dad home, we just spent family time. No real lessons.... books.... educational videos.... just family time.

So I'm counting today as an "Inservice Day". I'll try and make up the missed day over the weekend.

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