Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 4- Summer School

Since we had an "inservice" day yesterday, figured we'd make up our missing day on Saturday. Today was much more educational and on task compared to our other days.

Without further ado.... the weather by Sophia.

Sophie did a good job working on her workbooks.

We missed Toddler Storytime at the Library today due to a little boy needing a nap. But we still went to the library where the kids got to turn in the previous trips books and get new books. They behaved while in the library and again are so cute when they leave carrying their literary treasures.

Afterward we stopped at the store to pick up groceries for this weekend and then Sophie threw a fit. Needless to say I was admit that nap time today was actually NAP time... not quiet time... not reading time.... NAP TIME.

During lunch time the kiddos watched DK Eyewitness Plants video. They are really starting to soak in these documentaries. They loved the movie!

After nap time, we worked on Father's Day gift for Daddy. Final product to be revealed on Father's Day. Don't want to ruin the surprise in case the Dad reads the blog.

Lastly we recaped and discussed what happened to our celery experiment. I'm so glad I did a second stalk with leaves. Without the leaves I don't think we would have gotten as good of a result, as the yellow and purple did not show up at all on the stalks without leaves. So Sophie's hypothesis about the celery becoming rainbow colors was accurate.

 Lastly after a decent dinner, I needed the kiddos to burn some more energy and Brian and I took them to the SplashPark. And again I forgot my camera. I remembered the spare batteries... but forgot the camera. Oh well. Tomorrow we have planned for the kids to complete their Saturday chores (clean their bedrooms and toy room) and then a trip to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens hopefully.

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