Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 5- Summer School

So it's Saturday and our education time won't be as intense, but I still felt like I needed to make up some for the time lost on Thursday. So we began just reviewing our week about plants at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We discussed plants that grow in different climates.

How plants grow seeds and how seeds grow to become plants.

Also about how we eat plants- carrots, squash, etc...

We also got to see the many different colors of flowers from plants.

And discussed how some trees can also have flowers.

Sophie is still trying to remember what 4 things are required for plants to grow: water, nutrients (soil), sunshine, and air. But we are trying.

And my favorite part of the trip was having some family time with Brian and letting kids walk the whole way to help burn some of their energy.

After nap time we'll probably plug in the DK Eyewitness Plant video again from yesterday. And then perhaps call it a day. Because well.... we DID do a few things on Thursday and Mom needs a break.

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