Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 6- Summer School

Another more mellow home school day for the kiddos as we spent most of our morning running errands- bank, post office, store, etc... And therefore we missed our weather update. Sorry... hope no one was depending upon it.

She did spend a lot of time working on her workbooks particularly with math. She's got addition pretty well figured out, but throw in a little subtraction and it makes it difficult for her to change her thinking so quickly. So surprise surprise her mother the one who is truly awful with Math helped her with math. At least I can do basic addition (although Brian would laugh and even say that is debatable).

  • Sight Word Fun Grade 1- pages 18-21
  • Reading Readiness K-1- pages 37-39
  • Addition & Subtraction Grade 1-2- page 1
  • Math Basics Grade 1- page 15-16

During lunch time the kids got to watch the DK Eyewitness Plant video again. They really are starting to like documentaries (this genetic trait mostly comes from their father). DK Eyewitness has lot of other videos so trying to figure out which "science/social studies" lesson I want to do next since we kind of finished our plant  ones early. I would skip to the next (which is animals), but I want to save that for when we go to the farm. I'll update you when I figure it out.

After lunch I wasn't feeling well so what's the best way to entertain kids with minimal energy? Ok.... tv is a good answer, but we did the splash park. Funny story... I made sure have my camera AND spare batteries... but I forgot my SD card. Yeah.... I'm going to keep blaming pregnancy brain for as long as I possibly can. Anyway they had fun.

And after tubbys, another semi-educational film of Dora the Explorer, I made supper and then will work with Connor on some of the Melissa and Doug Puzzles we have reviewing shapes and colors.

Sorry no pictures to attach to this blog post. As previously mentioned... SD card has been stuck in my computer all day. Yeah..... pregnancy brain.

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