Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 7-10 Summer School

This week we spent our time in Kansas and boy are we tired!

We got opportunity to visit with family and the kids got an opportunity to get an education about the life of a farmer. Or at the very least talk about what is on a farm. That's where most of our 'science' information was regarding. Animals, farm equipment, and what goods are produced on a farm. More details to come with pictures on the farm in another post. Plus, we'll put together another "book" for Sophie and Connor regarding their short time there.

During the trip Sophie was very good about doing her workbooks on the long drive to and from places. Over the past 4 days, here are the pages she completed in her workbooks.

  • BrainQuest workbook Grade 1- pages 10-15, 48-51, 66-67, 102-103, 126-130, 178-180, 244-245, 269-275, 284
  • School Zone Addition & Subtraction Grades 1-2- pages 2 and 12
  • School Zone Sight Word Fun Grade 1- pages 16-25, 28-35, 54-55
  • School Zone Reading Readiness Grades K-1- pages 34-47
  • School Zone Math Basics Grade 1- pages 16-18

In addition to her workbooks, Grammy Barton taught Sophie how to play the card game 'War'. Which was perfect for her math lessons, because you have to understand which numbers are greater and less than. Way to go Grammy! Sophie and I appreciated this differentiated instruction- mostly because Mom got to relax, and Sophie got to have a bit more 'fun' in her education.

Connor did equally well on his vocabulary by listening to CDs in the car and trying to sing along- specifically Barney's On the Farm. And he was really engaged about farm technology. Cows and chickens were cool, but nowhere near as awesome as a water pump or tractor.

Now that we are back in Texas we'll have to get back into the swing of a schedule again on Monday. Figured this time we might work on Geography instead of science for that week. I may also need a little extra help and photographs from our families to help achieve what I want Sophie to understand. More details to come after a (hopefully relaxing) weekend.

*More information about our trip and family to be posted later. Only posting regarding summer school information at this time.*

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