Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Early Summer Fun

While I don't still feel like it summer considering both Sophie and I are still in school this week (her a student; me a teacher), the evening was excellent swimming weather. It was in the upper 80s, slowly coming down from the high of 95 and clear skies. And while we didn't go to the pool, we did again go to the splash park.

This time we took a few friends with us.

And Daddy also got to join in the fun.

Of course, when it comes between food and fun, Connor's first priority was food. Nothing we could say or do would separate him from his food... even though he clearly wanted to eat and play in the water at the same time.

In the end though, he stayed on the sidelines until we finally managed to convince him that he had literally eaten all his food.

Once back, a bath, and a tuck in bed, the two kids zonked out quickly. I'm looking forward to some time like this during the summer.

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