Monday, June 9, 2014

First Day of Home School Summer School

Let me just begin by saying I feel awful. I've got a horrible cold that even medicine isn't helping to help stop. So please forgive the mess you might see in any pictures.

Since it was rainy, I adapted the "lesson plan" to include talking about the weather. We are going to start trying to track the weather weekly. I got pictures with the kids showing today's weather.

Next Sophie got to work on her many workbooks. She loves her workbooks and often doesn't like to 'stop' unless it's to do another worksheet in another workbook. Below are listed the books we use and the page numbers we did today. Many of them we've already started before the "summer school season".

  1. School Zone Grade 1 Sight Word Fun (page 10-11)
  2. School Zone Grades K-1 Reading Readiness (page 30-33)
  3. School Zone Grade 1 Math Basics (page 7-9)
  4. Brain Quest Workbook Grade 1 (pages 6-7, 44-45, 96-97)

While Sophie was working on her workbooks, I made a color car track for Connor. He seemed to love it. Then decided he wanted the cars to go through all the tubes... not just the ones with the corrosponding color. Oh well.... he'll be doing this all week, so hopefully he gets better at it.

Afterwards we went to the library where the kids loaded up on books for reading. Connor just HAD to HAVE a Thomas the Train Engine book, but I managed to select a few other board books for him as well. Sophie also got 4 books- mostly Level 1 or 2 readers. Although, she also just HAD to HAVE a Ninja Turtles Level 4 book that she can't read which I also allowed her to get. It was cute watching the two kiddos walk out of the library smiling with their literary treasures. I also picked up a few "educational" movies, music, and books, which I will list when I use them in the blog.

One of those "educational" treasures I procurred from the library, was watched during lunch time. It was too "high level" for Sophia (let alone Connor), but I figured we can watch it several times to get the information we need and apply it to our morning weather activities. It's part of the DK Eye Witness DVD series called "Weather".

The best part of the school day was nap time at 1:30pm! I didn't do any of my chores that I was supposed to do. Instead, I also took a nap. A much needed nap. I'm feeling slightly better, but my nose is still running and I'm still planning a trip to Walgreens to get medicine after Brian gets home.

After a snack, we talked about plants a bit. And the parts of plants. While Connor colored his own plants on black construction paper, Sophie got to color the anchor chart I made and plant to use/show to help remind her of the parts of plants. Also to discuss the difference between fruit plants and flower plants.

Also, we got out the shamrock planting kit, Grammy Oney got us over St. Patty's Day. We'll talk more tomorrow about what plants need to grow.

While she was coloring, I put in Baby Einstein's Shapes video for Connor since I had neglected to teach him about his shapes this morning while Sophie was doing her math workbooks.

After an easy dinner of pizza, provided by Brian, the kids were whisked off to bed with an educational bed time story. Ever heard of the Cat in the Hat Learning Library? I love these books. I think I own almost 10 of them. One of them we read tonight was "Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?". Great books!

And that concludes day 1 of homeschooling. With meds in my system and the kids in bed, I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. But overall, Sophie and Connor are still learning and hopefully as the week continues and my nasal congestion starts to dissipate we'll get more activities and fun learning activities to add to the blog. Who knows.... might even end of having a clean house too. :)

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