Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sophia's Pre-K Graduation

Since being involved in Texas education more directly I've noticed that no change or transition is ignored and often celebrated with pomp and circumstance. In light of that, Sophia had her graduation program from her transition out of Pre-K and her readiness to begin Kindergarten in the Fall.

For Sophie this was a HUGE deal, which had her begging me to call the whole Kansas families to come witness her graduation program. Being on a Thursday morning, her own mother was not even able to attend. But luckily Grammy & PaPa Barton changed their plans so they could attend.

While I wasn't there, I was informed that they did a cute song...

a slideshow of baby pictures, the walk to get their diplomas...

and lastly, they were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up. Sophie informed her wonderful teacher Ms. Taylor that she wanted to be a doctor.

Afterwards, Grammy, PaPa, Daddy, & Sophie celebrated the day with lunch at Cracker Barrel.

Thanks to those who thought of her on her special day (even if you couldn't make it.... because lets face it... even her bad mommy couldn't be there that day). As I look at the pictures, you can see that she is beaming with pride.

Now just a few more graduations to go before she gets her doctorate as planned.

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