Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Missing Month of May

I've been so super busy trying to balance the demands of work, home, and all while having my energy sucked out of my body and into my very athletic and anxious baby #3. Therefore, the blog has suffered. And in many cases, my camera (which usually goes with me everywhere to document the kiddos) would remain on the counter unused and forgotten. But with the school year coming to an end this week, I figured it's time I should do a bit of an update from May.

1. We are selling our home in Newton..... again. Hopefully this time we can find a buyer and not have to worry about the woes of renting from 2 states away. That consumed many weeks and energy of our time getting the home ready for sale and working with contractors and a Realtor.

2. Connor got his first haircut and screamed through most of it.

3. Suzi came to visit and we attended a Rangers-Red Sox Game at the Global Stadium in Arlington.

4. I'm finally finishing tearing down my classroom of all decorations and will this week be taking it home as the school will be used this summer for summer school. Instead of teaching summer school, I plan to be spending time at home with the kids keeping their education going and seeing how well fitted I might be for the homeschool experience (just in case).

5. Since Memorial Day the pool and splash parks have opened and the kiddos and I took some time to go and enjoy the cool water in the summer heat.

I'll go into more detail with pictures for each in the following posts, but that was mostly the gist of things for those who would appreciate the abridged version of our May.

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