Sunday, June 1, 2014

Yearly Sister MLB Game (2014)

Since we've moved to Dallas-Fort Worth, Suzi and I have made it a 3 year running ritual to go to a MLB game in Arlington, Texas. The first time it was easy, because Suzi was a HUGE fan of Mike Napoli (catcher for the Texas Rangers) and I was a fan of Yu Darish (pitcher for the Texas Rangers).

Then it became a bit difficult the following year when Napoli was traded to the Boston Red Sox. And with the trade, also went Suzi's fandom. So year 2 I managed to get tickets to a Rangers vs. Red Sox game, but being a big game we found ourselves literally at the very very very top nose bleed oh that wind is friggen cold where are my binoculars section of the stadium.

This year, I hadn't even bothered looking at tickets. I've been so busy that it kinda slipped my mind until her birthday came, and by then I resigned myself to just finding a MLB shirt or something for her birthday instead. However, despite me dropping the ball, Suzi picked it up and purchased tickets for the Red Sox vs. Rangers game in Arlington. And no nosebleed section this time, the seating was the best I've ever had. We were literally behind first plate. See?

Close to first base... close to the Rangers dugout... what else can you say but 'Hello Boys!'

To be so close, and to enjoy our time together with the customary nachos and soda was awesome. I'd like to add that the hot dog was for the baby. ;)

And with my camera it helped me to get some really really good shots of the players with my camera. Suzi particularly enjoyed the ones of Mike Napoli (who plays first base for the Red Sox after an injury) and "Big Pappi".

It was exciting and I'm so glad that we got to continue the 'tradition' despite my recent laziness or craziness, whichever.

I think the only disappointing part of the game for Suzi was the fact that the Red Sox lost. :)

And of course, in keeping with our after game ritual, we took some time to collect some fine china for Suzi's apartment, and of course a few for me as well. We laughed at how it must be our Grandmother coming out of us, as anytime she saw anything 'wasted' she'd call it 'pitiful' pick it up, store it, and maybe use it. As kids we were even told wasting our food would send us straight to Hell. Now that we are older, we see some of the points of not being so wasteful with things (experience, money, time, etc....) but I won't lie.... I still don't always finish my food and I can't say I feel 100% guilt-ridden when I don't. Guess I'm limited in the amount of "Grandma" I have in me to Ranger cups.

Below is our "haul" of around 20 some leftover cups of 3 different styles.

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