Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 11- Summer School

After having some unexpected news about baby trying to come much earlier than my other 2, things have started to slow down a bit in the home school department. Mostly because I've been told to slow down. Which means a lot less cool/fun things to do with Mom and more workbook items and educational videos for the kids.

Connor lately has been really getting into the Melissa & Doug fish colors puzzle and can now complete it correctly time after time. He still can't say his colors very well, but boy can he sort them. :)

Sophie has been working on her workbooks and is starting to get bored with them. Which isn't very good for me because I depend on them so much.

  • School Zone Sight Word Fun Grade 1- pg. 36-37
  • School Zone Time, Money, & Fractions Grade 1-2- pg. 20-21

Plans were this week to work on Geography- address, city, states, countries, continents, but that has fallen by the wayside lately. I do have some videos I found on Google that I plan to show and post online when I can.

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