Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 12- Summer School

Despite it being the Fourth of July, we (aka- I) have been slacking on working with the kiddos on home school or summer school activity. So before we headed to our events we did get in some 'learning' activities.

For one, Sophie learned from her father how to follow directions as they together worked to finish assembling her bunk bed. She worked with different types of tools- hex key and screwdriver and bolts.

During lunch we watched America: The Story of Us on the tv. While I'm sure a lot of the material was kind over the kids head, they did seem to grasp some of the parts of American history at least.

Sophie then did some of her workbooks. Again complaining that she's tired of doing her workbooks. Which made me be a little more proactive in researching for other things she can do.

  • School Zone Sight Word Fun Grade 1, pages 26-27, 38-39
  • BrainQuest Workbook Grade 1, pages 64-65, 68-69, 246-247, 264-265, and 278

Finally since we were going to be discussing geography I found some great links about the 7 continents. We watched these 2 videos (links attached to the YouTube titles... just click):

The one song she said was for "babies" and didn't like it .

I also found online games regarding the continents, which I think my 6th grade geography teachers would appreciate knowing about (even though it shows it's for the 1st and 2nd grade level). She's having difficulty mastering the mouse, so it was kind of hard for her. Plus the fact that she didn't pay as much attention and the information is new.... we will most likely be having her play the 'continent' games a few more times till it sinks in. Which is good because it's material I can use over and over and over again until she gets it which in turn gives me a bit of a break.

The Grade 1 Continent Game and the Grade 2 Continent Game are the same, they just look different on the header/title display.

Connor's learning has been a little less intensive and unfortunately less structured. He wants desperately to do workbooks with his sister, but they don't make any for his age (2). We do work on his vocabulary a LOT and he watches the same videos and games with his sister, but for the most part he's got a "freer" education than Sophie this year. I wish I could contribute more regarding his educational development, but again, I've been pretty neglect with his schedules, activities, and goals this year. Which perhaps goes to show that I might not be the best preschool teacher; however, hopefully with a little bit more research and the help of workbooks next year we can get him on track and paced with Sophie.

Afterwards we called it a "day" for summer school and prepared to celebrate Independence Day as a family.

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