Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 13- Summer School

So Saturday I'm being motivated to not have Sophie do as many workbooks as usual, while Connor and Brian go have some "man time" doing errands- i.e. pick up motor fuel, wrenches, and groceries. At home with Sophie she groaned when I asked her to get out her workbooks. I still think we need to continue some of them, but I again pulled inspiration from Pintrest and hooked my laptop up to our printer.

The workbook pages we DID do were as follows:

  • School Zone Reading Readiness Grades K-1, pages 57-59

The other material we did, was to create a Curious George clock, which she loved doing.

We found the link on Pintrest, but if you click HERE I'll take you directly to the page so you can't print off your own "George" clock as well. 

I did quiz her regarding the "o'clocks" (she's not quite ready for 9:30s, 10:45s, etc....). And she is aware that when Dad gets home she's getting another quiz, where she will have to make her "George" clock reflect the times that Dad gives her. Which of course Dad decided to quiz her on more than the "o'clocks", so she got more of an education about the 1:45s, 2:30s, 4:15s, etc... Which was good, gave me a break while I made lunch, plus she's learning from BOTH her parents. Meaning she knows that she can rely on both parents to help her with her education and questions.

And instead of doing addition in her workbook, I found these train worksheets online. Again, they are free. And you can print out 5 pages of 'train' addition, although for some reason I only managed to print 4.

Train worksheets found HERE.

Then I tried to get her to play the Turtle Diary Continent game again... but well... we'll wait till later.

I did have her watch a video about the 50 States song, which has the states in alphabetical order. She was NOT impressed... not even when Mom sang along for the first part from memory.

Fifty Nifty Alphabetical States Song found HERE.

She also informed me she's never going to Nevada because they have fires there. When she gets older and wants to go to Las Vegas.... I'm going to remind her about this moment. She did recognize Kansas (she should by now) and of course Texas.

Even though I'm kinda of all over the map with geography information (continents, countries, states, etc...) (pun intended) I did find a Texas coloring page. The good learning bit about the coloring page was that Sophie often confuses the state flag with the national flag. She felt it was unfair that Texas only had 1 star. She also felt it needed to be more colorful- red, white, and blue just didn't seem meet her expectations of 'colorful'.

Coloring page for the state of Texas.

And since we were discussing states (I mean if I'm going to bounce around on teaching Geography like a bad social studies teacher) I went ahead and printed off copies of the other states I thought we could cover. For example- Great Grandpa & Aunt Suzi live in Nebraska, Uncle Nick & Aunt Amanda (aka- "the ballers" according to Nick) live in Virginia, most family live in KANSAS, etc.. So we went ahead and printed out coloring pages for each of the states I could think of where we have family.

All you have to do to get the other states pages printed out is go to the search box in the upper right hand corner of the website and type in the state you desire.

And then of course, we have a Melissa & Doug puzzle that Sophie has been able to assemble since she was 4 of the states in the U.S. I LOVE this puzzle! Melissa & Doug..... love them.

So today we did stay away from the traditional workbooks (with exceptions of course), but hopefully she'll be content to return back to them soon because either my printer will run out of ink or I'll run out of other places to look for learning material. However, the break seems to have gone over well.

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