Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day 2014

Happy Independence Day all! With me being 7 months pregnant, we decided to celebrate fairly close to home and went to Joe Pool Lake. The idea being that we could enjoy a nice cookout by the beach while the kids played in the water. 

While this sounds like a good idea, there were a few 'hiccups' to the plan. 

#1 I forgot the hot dogs and fixings so our meal consisted of chips, animal crackers, strawberries, and drinks. Kids didn't seem to mind though..... go figure.

#2 We couldn't get a good parking spot near the 'beach' play area, so the kids had to be satisfied with another more rocky shoreline. Which didn't turn out to be the best. Old boat ramp concrete slabs, steep bank line, and rocky and muddy shoreline made it fairly unsafe for the kids to be left unattended.

Plus since Connor loves flags, my brilliant idea was to get the kids American flags that they could proudly wave around. And they did..... however, they also used them to wave at trees and near Mom and Dad's faces... so not exactly a brilliant idea. 

The atmosphere and the beautiful scenery and sunset could have been relaxing, it was marred by the unending questions about "When can I get in the water again?" by Sophia and the constant battle over food between the two, making it difficult to be patient. Both Brian and I were THRILLED once the fireworks began and the two eventually sat side-by-side in relative silence with the exception of every once in awhile Connor saying "LIGHT" really loud and Sophie asking questions about either the colors or locations of said fireworks. 

I was thrilled that Connor didn't freak out on the fireworks, like Sophie did when she was younger (once in Vicksburg and another time in Corpus Christi). And Brian and I were both glad to ship the kiddos to bed and hope that we'd get a chance to sleep in tomorrow.

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