Thursday, July 10, 2014

Past 24 Hours

Currently EVERYTHING has come to a halt in our household, particularly me.

Tuesday evening I started getting contractions about every 2 minutes that were pretty intense. I tried to lie down and plug the kids into the television system until my husband got home from work, but well.... that didn't work. My son was hungry and isn't much of a "TV watcher" so his messes and accidents ended up keeping me on my feet more than off my feet. In which case did nothing to help stop or slow my contractions.

After taking my medicine and making some phone calls to other moms, I called the doctor who told me to go ahead and get to the hospital now. Not .... wait till husband comes home.... now. So then I had the added difficulty of getting kids away from tv and toys, shoes on, and in the car so we could start the drive towards Brian's work and the hospital in central Dallas. That for me is one of the longest and most painful drives to Dallas and I'm so thrilled that God appeared to be watching over me as I encountered little traffic and no police as I rushed my way to the hospital with the kids in tow and the contractions holding steady.
I picked up Brian from work since his office building is very close to the hospital, and then at the hospital, he went to take care of the kiddos while I made my way to Labor & Delivery.

They hooked me up, had me fill out paperwork, and then had me try to relax with Vikodin. Luckily I was able to do that some as Brian contended with 2 children who were 'hungry' (it was around 6pm and they hadn't been fed yet) and 'bored' (I also didn't have emergency bags packed for anyone). Brian and I ended up splitting the kids (each taking one) so he could get them food and entertain to try and help out. Sophie asked MILLIONS of questions, about the baby, the monitor, the doctor, and life with her future sister. Connor instead wanted to explore everything. Around 9pm, with 2 very tired, fussy, and bored children, they sensed changes and wanted me to stay overnight. So Brian took the kids home, I went to a more permanent room, and over the phone we started making arrangements for tomorrow.

Around 2am, I had the contractions return in strength so I was given more Vikoden, which again helped slow them down enough to be able to get some sleep.

Wednesday I spent most of the time bored out of my mind. I hadn't put together an overnight bag (for me or the kids). Brian and I were able to get a 'saint' (Ms. Cassie) to watch our kids on Wednesday so we could get things figured out and so Brian could work while I was at the hospital being monitored and working on a game plan.

While I was still having some contractions, they were not intense and the occurances were spaced further apart, I watched a lot of tv to keep my sanity. I think I watched 4 hours of the news, 3 episodes of TLCs Four Weddings, 4 episodes of Law & Order SVU, and then a couple of programs on CNN and goodness knows what else. I'm not a tv person so it was so tiring. The high point of my day was actually seeing my doctor come in and discuss game plans.

The concern was mostly the fact that I'm 34 weeks pregnant. At 34 weeks the baby is still premature, but healthy enough that she can survive in the NICU with specialty doctors there. So by 34 weeks they don't like to stop labor but then again, typically at 34 weeks it is beneficial if the baby can stay longer in the womb to gain weight and develop their lungs. So the advice was not to encourage labor, but if labor occurs I need to be able to get to the hospital fast in case I do have a premie and need the specialized services of the hospital.

We ended up with a game plan that I could go home to do bedrest as long as 1) someone would be watching the kids full time so I could rest and literally stay in bed practically all day and 2) I would have transportation at all times to hospital. With help from my mom and family, Sophie & Connor got a surprise vacation to Kansas for the next few weeks/days. And Brian has cancelled his business trip to Chicago and is going to be working from home.

I'm so grateful that everyone rallied together to help me out with this, because I really wasn't excited about spending the next few days/weeks in the hospital. It has been tough to let go of my babies (Sophie and Connor) but I know it was important for me to try and focus on our newest littlest one. And my children helped the transition by being 'happy' to leave their mom & dad to go to Kansas. Brian has also been super helpful by taking care of me at home. He makes sure to tease me plenty (asking whats for supper.... when I'm going to do the dishes... etc...) but also bringing me anything I need or ask for and just letting me spend most of my day in bed. As a work-aholic I know this is a big sacrifice for him and he's taking on the challenge with grace and kindness.

Other orders from the doctor include an increase in some of my medication to help prevent/soften the contractions, drinking lots of water, and another appointment at her office on Monday to discuss a more 'long term' game plan for the next few days/weeks. Until then I'm focusing on getting ready and taking care of our up and coming family member and perhaps even getting a name for her.

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  1. Prayers for you, Stacy!! I hope your kiddos enjoy Kansas and the youngest Oney stays put a little longer - and that you don't go insane in the mean time :)