Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Date is Set!

After 2 weeks of bed rest, I went to today's doctor's appointment expecting a new game plan. Last week's appointment, the doctor informed me that as long as my cervix had dilated to 5cms and the baby had dropped further, she would "scrape my membrane" (aka- thin the sack which holds my water/amniotic fluid), and send me to the hospital to go into labor. Brian preferred to wait another week, but we decided ultimately we'd let the doctor decide.

And today was the deciding day. Do I stay or do I go? To be safe I made sure to have my hospital bag with me.

The verdict- I was at 5 cms, 80% effaced, but I had not dropped any further since our last appointment. So the doctor decided that since I was only 5 days away from 37 weeks, she'd prefer to wait and "scrape and send me to the hospital" on Monday during our next appointment. So based on past performances, it seems likely that I'll have our 3rd child within hours of our admittance into the hospital on Monday, July 28th.

Be prepared for news of our little girl coming soon!

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