Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome Ainsley Caitlin Oney

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest family member- Ainsley Caitlin Oney who arrived on July 28th at 3:28pm. At exactly 37 weeks in womb she kindly exited early and therefore saved her mom from additional pain by weighing only 7 lbs. 2 ozs.

Ainsley was delivered by the best doctor ever- Dr. Martin, who was very helpful in evicting Ainsley early as I had spent the last 3 weeks on bed rest sans kiddos. Sophie and Connor instead got a 3 week vacation to Kansas getting spoiled by almost every relative in the area.

Sophia & Connor got to meet their sister after being only a few hours old. Sophie kept wanting to hold her sister and felt it was important to introduce herself to sister, as well as let Ainsley know that she came from God. Made my heart melt!

Connor was more impressed with the toys Ainsley "got" for them on her birthday, but later he did make an effort to point to her face and say "Baby". Little does he know that "baby" is going to be his attention hogging little sister that won't be able to rough house for awhile.

And Grammy Barton & Aunt Ashley also got to spend some quality time with our littlest Oney.

Hopefully in the next few months before I have to return to teaching school, Ainsley will get an opportunity to snuggle up and love on her other relatives who were/are several states away at the moment. Until then, Brian and I are happy to soak up her cuddles and those brief few years of joy before she learns to "talk back".

Welcome our sweet #3

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  1. So glad everyone is happy and healthy! And thanks for the idea...Wyatt definitely needs a gift from his sissy! ;)