Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Haircuts for the Boys

I've been cutting Brian's hair for awhile now, so I'm pretty confident in my skills regarding his fading head of hair; but cutting Connor's hair is a different story.

Connor's first haircut was disastrous- not in the cut, but the behavior. But it was obvious he needed another haircut. Brian's solution was to have Connor watch him get his haircut first and then to attempt to do Connor's hair directly afterwards. But Connor wasn't willing to go 2nd and wanted to go first. I think he felt he was going to get his hair combed and he stayed perfectly still as I had the razor (with the highest guide) comb through his blonde hair. Once I tried to get his "mop" on top though he had enough, so after Brian's haircut we had to hold him down to try and get some of the top trimmed up. Most unsuccessfully, but not bad for a first attempt on a little boy with no patience. Maybe I'll try to get it when he's sleeping.

Afterwards though Connor was happy being able to get the broom up and clean up all the hair. Wonder if I can lend him out to salons so he can start earning his keep? That boy has a hard time staying away from brooms, swiffers, and plungers sadly.

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