Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ainsley- 2 Months

Ainsley is now 2 months old and growing bigger and bigger every day. It's so fun to see babies as they develop and she has so many new ways to express herself with her face.

Below has to be my favorite facial expression. 
See... even Ainsley agrees it's pretty funny.

Most moms know what the face below means.

Connor is very help and enjoys bringing Ainsley her binky and blanket. Although he can be rough when he tries to push in the binky after she's spit it out. He thinks it should stay in so he adds extra pressure to make sure it "sticks".

And one day when I picked all the kids up from school, I couldn't get Connor to sit on the seat closer to the door. He wanted to sit next to Ainsley and wouldn't budge no matter how hard I tried to convince him.
Then again, when we had one of Sophie's soccer games, Connor got mad and took Ainsley's binky from her mouth and threw it onto the soccer field. Yeah... I think he's got a love/hate thing going with his sisters. And while he loves Ainsley (he really does) he also is still a very good pal and playmate with Sophia (until it comes time to cleaning up or some other nonsense like that).

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