Saturday, September 27, 2014

Heritage Farmstead Museum Day

Twice a year Smithsonian offers 2 free tickets to museums across the United States. One year we went to the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth Texas.

Click here to go to blog post on our trip to Log Cabin Village.

This year  I thought it would be a good experience to go to Plano's Heritage Farmstead for museum day. I knew that with 2 very active kids I wanted a museum that wouldn't require me to tell them constantly to be quiet or to stop trying to touch things. And if it could be educational that was a plus. Therefore, we chose a museum filled with animals, outdoor activities, and education on a time long past.

All the buildings were locked... which might not have been a bad thing considering their tendency to want to touch everything. So most of our time was spent outside looking in. Around the main house they had a pantry and a laundry location.

Some outdoor buildings held the farming equipment- plows and tractors.I couldn't resist taking pictures particularly of the plows.

Most of my students at Dallas ISD don't know what a plow is and describing it can be kind of hard. Heck even this "plow" kind of stumped me. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

One of the kids' favorite buildings might have been the blacksmith shop.

However, the 2 teachers got a kick out of the one room schoolhouse. One part of me is glad my closet is bigger. On the other hand, I don't see more than 15 desks in the schoolhouse and I've got 25 kids crammed in my classroom. Then again, Karissa told me teachers used to be 'volunteers' who weren't paid. I'm definitely glad I get paid.

Near the schoolhouse, Brian got to show off some roping skills. Which Sophie instantly started using to try and catch animals.... mainly a blue eyed towhead 2 year old animal.

 The non-human animals were of course a definite favorite. They liked the chickens, but eventually I think the favorite activity became grinding the corn and feeding the chickens.

Then they had this amazing machine which I would love to own but have absolutely no real use for. It takes the corn off of the cob! It was so cool. I couldn't resist getting a picture of Brian with his corn husker shirt as he pushed the corn cob through the machine.

After the chickens, the kids went to see the donkey, the goat, the sheep, and the pigs.

And the 'fake' cow and calf, which were on display so kids could practice milking techniques. Dean Foods would be proud of Brian and his children I believe.

Although I wonder how they would feel about us stopping for ice cream afterwards at Henry's Homemade Ice cream.

The kids had a great time! Sophie has already asked if we can go back sometime. It was a beautiful day (although it got a little hot), the kids were good, and it was just nice to take a break from work and chores and just spend some quality with friends and family.

And perhaps the next time we go... Ainsley will be awake for the museum part and not just the icecream part.

For more information about the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano, click HERE.

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