Monday, October 27, 2014

Coo-ing & Smiling (Ainsley Edition)

Something to bright everyone's day.

Ainsley- 3 Months

Early Morning Soccer Game

So Stinkin' Stressed

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted anything as of late. Mostly the problem has been my job. Or more specifically it has been the fact that my job is sucking time, energy, and money from our household. You remember watching Princess Bride where the 'bad guys' hook Wesley up to that machine?


Every day at school I feel that the students and administration have sucked a year of my life away. On Friday I was at work by 7:30am and didn't leave until 7:00pm. I often do not have lunch due to the fact that during my 20 minute lunch period I get tracked down to meet with someone about something or need to fill out forms. And our planning period has been taken away and being used for team meetings daily. And while we need to call our student's parents when they don't turn in their homework assignments- almost 100 of them- we are supposed to do that on our personal phones during our personal time. In addition, to all of this work and all these long hours and conditional time spent at work on Saturdays (last Saturday I worked 9am-6pm), they said they aren't seeing the dedication.


So when at home with my grey hair multiplying across my head, and mounds of paperwork, forms, and grading towering near me, and a computer attached to my hip reading to add to or elaborate a lesson plan for another week, I often find myself exhausted and haggard. And the last thing I seem to be able to find time for is my personal well-being and my children. Luckily during this time Brian has stepped up to the plate and taken over as the main caregiver at the house. While I'm appreciative of all of this, I'm also depressed that my job has overrun my life.

However, I'm looking forward to the light at the tunnel. I will soon be certified- by Friday (God willingly) and will hopefully then be able to escape from the horrors and hours of the Title 1 school.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Flip Phone Photos

I have probably one of the oldest phones in the entire school. The kids have newer phones. The janitor has a newer phone. The cafeteria workers have a newer phone. And all of them are smart phones. Now, while this may be considered a bad thing to think that a hall monitor and the low paid school security officers have nicer phones than me; it is also a good thing that my phone is substandard. It is because my phone is so old and it's value is so much lower than the majority of the school population, I have NEVER EVER not even once, had someone even attempt to steal my phone. I've left it on the desk, I've left it on the cabinets near the homework drop box bins, I've left it near the projector. No one touches my phone.

I have heard stories of teachers who have had their phone stolen. Plenty of kids have also had their phones, ipods, headphones, and other accessories stolen as well. But mine... mine is still in my possession.

Recently though I discovered a way that I can take my phones from my camera and put them on the computer. No I don't have data, or a touchscreen, or even a new phone, so I had to do it the old fashioned way... with cables and a computer. But the point is I finally was able to show you some of the pictures that I have taken with my phone, even though they aren't the best quality photos. Many of these photos just make me smile and were often a quick way for me to capture a moment when I didn't have my camera on me.

So without further ado, my flip phone photos.