Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Things I NEVER knew about Andrew Jackson

There are 10 things I never knew about Andrew Jackson until AFTER I took the tour of the Hermitage. And this is without seeing the video prior to the audio tour with the kiddos. Definitely made me what to know more about his life.

1. Andrew Jackson was considered a president of the people because he was the first president to grow up poor. Everything he ended up having (The Hermitage, education, etc...) were things he had to work for.

2. Jackson grew up in South Carolina. And would move out west to settle in Tennessee BEFORE Lewis and Clark began their expedition out west.

3. During the Revolutionary War, a British officer ordered Jackson with a task. When Jackson refused the British soldier slashed Jackson across the face leaving a mark/scar to remember his disobedience. Instead, Jackson never forgot his hatred for the British.

4. Jackson was dearly in love with his wife Rachel. He never remarried after she died. Once when he was in the White House, someone mentioned to Jackson if he missed his wife. He answered that she was the first thing he saw when he woke up and the last thing he saw when he went to bed at night. He was referring to a picture he kept of her during his presidency in the White House.

5. Jackson was PRO-slavery, but not for secession. In fact he would fight against it.

6. Jackson at a young age contacted syphilis, which prevented him from having children. He would eventually adopt his wife's nephew as an infant and name him Andrew Jackson III. Andrew Jackson the third had a twin brother than remained with his biological parents.

7. Andrew Jackson the Third was a horrible farmer and was held responsible for running the Hermitage farm while Jackson was away serving as President. When he returned he found that Jackson III had run the family farm deep in debt. Luckily, Jackson's friends and acquaintances helped him escape bankruptcy.

8. Andrew Jackson often picked up and housed orphan children. The Hermitage under Andrew Jackson's occupancy became a kind of foster home for several children.

9. Rachel enjoyed Greek literature. As a result Jackson and the home decorated with Greek architectural pillars in front, and in the front room the wallpaper shows a scene from Homer's Illiad.

10. Andrew Jackson (the first Tennessee president) would die in 1845 during the presidency of the second Tennessee President- James K. Polk.

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