Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back to Life

Figuratively I have been dead concerning my participation in the Oney household and affairs. I have been merely a ghost wandering around doing whatever I could but mostly found haunting around the computer.

That has all changed and I am revived. What did it take to bring me back into the land of the living?

Well I quit/resigned my job teaching at Dallas ISD. My job teaching 7th grade social studies was literally sucking the life out of me. Let me explain first by showing you my schedule:

5:30am Wake Up
5:30-6:30 Get all the kids up, dressed, packed, and ready for school
6:30- Attempt to get all kids out the door, into the car, and drop them off at school
6:30- 6:45- Drop kids off at school
6:45-7:45- My commute to work (usually was an hour if I didn't hit traffic)
7:45-8:25- Get my class prepared for school, unless I had morning duty... then I monitored kids
8:35- 9:29- 1st Period
9:33-10:20- 2nd Period
10:24-10:55- Advisory Period- where we teach life skills to our 3rd period kids (ie. conflict resolution, bullying, motivation, organization, college readiness, following rules, etc....)
10:55- 11:43- 3rd Period
11:47- 1:01- 4th Period (break from 12:18- 12:45 for lunch after escorting them to lunch; usually I had meetings or requests from other teachers so I typically never had time to eat and so stopped bringing lunch as a result.
1:04 - 1:52- 5th Period
1:55- 2:43- 6th Period
2:47- 3:35- Team Meetings for Lesson Planning, Instructional Calendar, Filling out forms, Creating tests, etc....
3:35- Kids dismissed from school; outside duty to monitor kids (we usually just spent this time still meeting)
4:00-5:00- Professional Development meeting
5:00-5:30- Pick up everything I needed, copies for tomorrow, etc... and rushed out the door to head home
5:00-6:30- My commute home (usually an hour if I didn't hit traffic)
6:30-7:00- Get kids from school and bring them home
7:00- Cook or buy something for supper and feed the kids (this is usually the 1 meal I would eat)
8:00- Bedtime
8:00-11:00 Work on grading, school paperwork, contacting parents, etc....
11:00- Bedtime

As you can see, I didn't have time for my kids... or husband. And Sophie was having behavior issues at school. Life wasn't going well for anyone. Plus lately my school was attempting to extract more of my time by doing mandatory Saturday school (for kids and teachers) as well as all the additional work that I was doing/spending on the weekends for various tasks and directives they'd given me.

I was giving work everything... my life force, my time, my sanity, and leaving nothing for myself, or my own kids. So... I quit. Before I did so though I made sure that A) I was certified, B) They couldn't take away my certification and C) that I wasn't under any kind of contract, which would look negatively on my resume.

So as a result of my reincarnation into the Oney household, expect to see more on the blog from me. Hopefully I will return to teaching (with less of a commute, less stress, and less time from my family) as I am now certified to teach all subjects from kindergarten to 8th grade and Social Studies in high school.

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