Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween kinda snuck up on us this year. I knew it was coming. I'd missed plenty of Halloween events with the kiddos to know it was coming up, but I was almost startled when it actually arrived. Mentally and physically I've been pretty absent from my kids and husband's life due to my job. But I made sure that I was 100% mom again for Halloween. And surprisingly the rest of the weekend (doing minimal school work).

Sophie had wanted to go as Elsa and I made sure to purchase the costume for her. But on Halloween she declared the costume too itchy and went as Ariel as she had last year.

Connor went as Batman. Lately when he's really tired or by himself, I will hear him singing "Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.... Batman". It's quite cute and I tried really hard this weekend to try and get it on video, but he never did it when I happened to have my camera nearby.

Ainsley was going to match Sophie and go as Anna. There wasn't an Anna costume so I made on up with a tutu and a onesie. It turned out ok. Would have been cuter had Sophie stuck with the Elsa costume.

My 3 sweet kiddos ready for Halloween!

This year instead of trick or treating, we went to a Hallejulah Carnival (or something like that), which had bounce houses (Connor wouldn't go because he didn't want to take of his shoes), pony rides (Connor freaked out), and a petting zoo (Connor was midly interested but stayed attached to me).

It was pretty neat, but very crowded and a little too cool outside. Eventually we left around 9 without a single piece of candy, which Sophia moaned a bit about. But I made sure to make up for it with clearance Halloween candy the following day. Overall, Halloween was a success, but now that I'm certified I hope to never disappear so much into my job that I neglect the joy of my children, particularly during any kind of holiday.

PS- Thanks Mom and Dad for the pumpkins.

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