Thursday, November 27, 2014

Malabar Farms

Imagine yourself as a veteran of World War 1 and a Pulizer prize winning author... what would you invest your money in?

Why a farm of course!

 Louis Bromfield grew up in Mansfield, OH, studied journalism at Columbia University, enlisted in the US Army Ambulance Brigade during World War 1, published 30 books, and won a Pulizer prize for his book the Early Autumn in 1937. He decided to return to Ohio and build a farm. During his return he talked about soil and water conversation, and wrote many non-fiction works about his experience as a farmer.

And this was his farm. It's still a working farm set up to educate others about the tasks and chores done in working farms throughout the area.

There's more to see and do (House tours, Farm tours, etc...) if you come when everything is open. So... apparently not on weekdays of the week of Thanksgiving. However, we enjoyed seeing it and apparently it's become quite a popular tourist sight.

For more information on Malabar Farms, click HERE.

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