Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Activity Books (Thanksgiving, Alphabet, & States)

Two things about me and Thanksgiving:
1. We almost always go somewhere for Thanksgiving. Last year we were in Arizona for Thanksgiving, which is where the above picture came from) and this year we are headed to Ohio.
2. We almost always drive and do NOT have one of those tvs that fold down for our children.

So we always make sure to pack fun and educational things to help keep our kids busy. And since I'm a teacher mom, I take care of the educational part with the help of other moms and Pintrest posters.

Since they were kind enough to share... I wanted to share with y'all as well. And all of these items were printed for free so all you need is a printer and an ink cartridge!

For both of the kids I have a Thanksgiving activity book to color and for Sophia to read. For Sophie (since she is 5 almost 6) I have another writing Thanksgiving writing activity book for her.

Thanksgiving Writing Prompt and Flipbook

Thanksgiving Mini-Book

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Then for Connor (age 2) I printed out an alphabet coloring book so we can practice his alphabet. And the coloring pages include items that start with that particular letter, which we can discuss via the extremely long car ride (17 hours) to Ohio (minus the pit stop in Nashville).

Furthermore, I found parts of the magnetic busy board I made Sophie years ago and added that in as well. I essentially used cardstock and printed an alphabet out twice. With 1 page I put magnets covering the whole back and the other I cut out and put smaller magnets on them. So all they need to do is match the cut out alphabet letters and place them in the appropriate location on the large magnetic page. Sadly since it was years ago I don't have the link of where I found the print outs, but I'm sure you could use any plain alphabet coloring page to do the job. Heck then you could even have your child color both copies to personalize it more.

Alphabet Coloring Book

For Sophia (age 5, essentially 6), I decided to create a state book. Since we travel to several states at a yearly basis (at least) I printed out several maps of the United States. The first page has all the states listed. The second page has them blank so she needs to fill it out herself. Then I a quiz where she must use her pages to put the correct state name with the number.

And a word search of course for fun.

 Then I printed off blank maps of each of the states I knew we'd pass through: Texas (home), Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio for coloring and then labeling the capital.

Next I have a state fact page where she can fill in the info such as (state bird, state capital, etc...). I had to go online as well and create a cheat sheet for me so I can help her along the way, because honestly who really remembers or knows all the state birds? I did find that mockingbird was a common one among our travelling states.

United States Coloring Pages

Individual State Coloring Pages

State Data Page

More State Data Options

State Capital Worksheets and Word Searches

I also added (and laminated because I have a 'teacher gene') 2 state games I found online. One is Race across the States, which comes with instructions and a link to a US map. You simply draw 2 states, and then your child must locate both states, then draw a line to determine the fastest way there. I figured to solidify state knowledge, I'd also have her name the states she'd have to pass through when going from Point A to Point B.

Racing Across the United States

Also from the same awesome mom, she attached several print outs for state bingo. There were 20 copies total from it, but I think I laminated 5 pages (10 bingo cards). Rather than worry about using chips which could easily get lost on the floor of the car and become unreachable until a pitstop miles down the road, I laminated them so we could just use a dry erase marker and then wipe clean once it was time for another round. Figured her and I or Brian and I could become her competition along the road. Who knows, maybe she could even play with some of her older "cousins" that we will meet in Ohio.

United States BINGO

Hopefully others might find this information valuable and continue to watch for more postings of our trip through the states for Thanksgiving break!

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