Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ainsley's Baptism

Sunday the Feast of the Holy Family, our family initiated our newest member into the church family at Saint Francis Xavier Church in Junction City, Kansas. Thought the timing of that was pretty interesting.

Ainsley was a trooper through the whole thing!

All of our children have the same godparents- Joe Bloomfield and Jill Seib-Schuab!

And all of been baptized either by or in the presence of Fr. Peter O'Donnell in Kansas.

Afterwards we celebrated with our friends and family at Ike's Bar and Grill. We'd like to thank Fr. Peter O'Donnell for an amazing baptismal service as usual. (One of the best priests around for those of you near the Junction City area... just saying). To Joe Bloomfield and Jill Seib-Schaub who are taking on the monumental task of helping our children grow up in grace. (We wish them luck and pray we are all successful). To Kayla Savage our photographer and John Savage the moral support of the photographer. To Britt Neeley who represented the Bartons who were sick and did an amazing job of supporting the 'Barton' clan and keeping the kids entertained. And LaNelle Oney who was the decorated grandparent on deck ready to jump in and deflect bad behavior and maintain their cuteness factor. Thank you so much for being there for us. And for everyone who was sick and unable to come we wish them well and we knew that they were with us in spirit. Thanks so much to everyone who thought of us on this special day.

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