Friday, December 5, 2014

Amish Country

As I stated before we spent most of our time in central Ohio- Amish country. In fact, many of the Ohio Oneys live near a community of "old order" Amish, so horse and buggies frequent the roads nearby as often as cars.

Since they shun photography "graven images", I only was able to sneak in these 2 and neither shows them but their transportation. About 5 years ago we got to meet several of the nearby Amish, get a ride in a buggy, and even see the inside of their homes... which if you know anything about the Amish is absolutely fascinating because so much of their every day is different from our everyday. They make everything from honey, furniture, quilts, whisky, and much more. But what they cannot make- pyrex glass bowls for one... they make trips into town for supplies. During the winter, not much work is done in the field; however, we did see a group of children playing recess outside. The Amish have their own schools and attend school only to 8th grade.

It is definitely have to try to find the pictures I took from my first visit to Amish country Ohio and see if I can post them. As well.

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