Saturday, December 13, 2014

Digby Days 1-8 (2014)

Day 1: Digby returns. After leaving 2 letters from Santa and eating some of my sugar cookies, he tromps his floured footprints all on the counter and cabinets.

Day 2: Digby goes fishing in the sink. I'm grateful he at least chose the sink rather than the toilet.

Day 3: Digby decides to "go camping" according to Sophie.

Day 4: We caught Digby just in time. Luckily the animals were just starting to load into the ark and therefore the sink faucet was not turned on. Had we discovered this an hour later, I think we would have witnessed a flood.

Day 5 and 6: Digby decided to use his "Spidy senses" to scope out the kids behavior.... and got stuck. Took him 2 days to finally move away from the fireplace.

Day 7: Digby helped bring out our nativity. As you can tell some peices are still M.I.A. and around here somewhere, but he did find some of the major players- Jesus, May, Angel.

Day 8: Digby is now advocating winter wear for the holiday season. His 2 'victims' Belle and Barbie are the focus of his campaign. I can see his point, but I'm not sure this was the best way to prove it.

What else would you like to see Digby do? Please no requests which would result in a home fire or flood. You can enter your ideas in the comments section and I'll pass along those suggestions to Digby.

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