Friday, December 26, 2014

Digby Days 14-18 (2014)

Day 14- Digby's first day in Kansas, he decided to make himself a hero. Apparently with the Bat signal on the light, he was ready to fight crime and monitor behavior as Batman!

Day 15- After shedding his crime stopping clothing, Digby found himself trapped in the grandfather clock while doing surveillance.

Day 16- After Sunday, it seemed Digby was inspired by the priests' homily and our conversations, and reminded us of the real reason for the season. He made Jesus the spotlight and superstar for the day.

Day 17- We arrived in Alma early Tuesday morning and it seemed we forgot to tell Digby. Don't worry though, he found us and it seems he just barely had arrived and propped himself on the shelf before the kids woke up.

Day 18 & Christmas Eve- Digby took one more day to recon the area prior to Santa's arrival. And according to Mission Impossible movies- this is how you show your elf stealth.

See you next year Digby!

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