Thursday, December 18, 2014

Digby Days 9 - 13 (2014)

Day 9- Digby is off to the races. I'm not sure if it was a friendly competition among the riders and the ponies, but either way... it appears they seemed prepared to go all out. Even got a hippo ready to start the races off. We woke up an interrupted. Not sure if this was the first race or one of many that we disturbed.

Day 10- Well, during the races, Connor kindly decided to bring Digby to his mother. If you are unaware, Shelf Elves lose their magic when touched. So a note was written to Santa explaining the incident. Santa kindly understood and left the kids a note. He also placed Digby in a higher location with all the necessities for him to get better. You know- juice, medicine (glitter), blanket, a bell to ring in case he might need something, a meat thermometer, ... you know... the basics.

Day 11- Digby definitely seemed better and decided to sing and swing "Wrecking Ball" from the Christmas tree. You know.... Digby.... Miley Cyrus.... really?

Day 12- Digby decides to get back on track to a more mature behavior after the Miley Cyrus incident.... (thank goodness for not having/finding a foam finger)... and brought candy canes for the 2 kids... IF they cleaned their rooms.

And yes... I'm proud to say they did clean their rooms. Although now that I think of it... it's kinda sad that bribery worked so well.

Day 13- Well we have plans to head home for the holidays. It seems Digby is also interested in travelling with us as he seemed to "contain" himself in one of the many cookie boxes/gifts we are bringing for my family. And since we can't touch him (refer to Day 10), it looks like he's coming to Kansas.

The adventures will continue in Kansas I guess.

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